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As a law student, I have always been involved in my academic and professional environment, aspiring to a career as a business lawyer.
As soon as I entered my first year in the Civil Law program at the University of Ottawa, I quickly became a research assistant for the Chaire de recherche pour une intelligence artificielle responsable à l’échelle mondiale. That same year, I reached out to our team, hoping to have the chance to work with them. Since then, in addition to mentoring my colleagues at the Faculty, I developed my research skills by working for the CAIJ, while also being involved in various mandates related to artificial intelligence. These abilities allow me to thrive in my work at Endlex everyday.
In my spare time, nothing makes me happier than cooking or savouring new dishes surrounded by my loved ones. My favorite meals are currently tartare and risotto.
  • Civil Law Degree (LL.L.) – University of Ottawa (2024)